GW2 Daily Strike Mission (max 4SM/week) 1 H/SM

GW2 Other Boost

Other Boost | Buy/Sell guild wars 2 power leveling service? YES. Your are in the right place. We are Selling All gw2 related item. Mastery, Legendary weapon, armor, trinket, Map Complete, Crafting, Ascended, RAID, PVP, WvW, etc

booster is a type of consumable that provides various effects, such as bonuses to attributes, increase in rewards, and movement speed. Boosters persist on a character for their full duration. Being downed, defeated, or traveling to another map will not remove them. Any remaining time of booster effects remains on log out or character changing.

Any number of booster of different types may be consumed together and their effects will all be active.


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