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Mount Your Beetle Faster: Completing Beetle Saddle Collection – Guild Wars 2 Service

In guild wars 2, Roller Beetle is one of the easiest yet confusing mount to obtain. Now, who doesn’t want a cool beetle that take you around Tyria? It’s cool and fun. In this case, Beetle Saddle collection is the second step you should do. You should collect 7 items that can be found in the Domain of Kourma and Central Tyria. So, without further ado. Here is the details for you.

Completing Beetle Saddle Collection

1. The First Three Items

You can get the Inquest Beetle Notes by killing Awakened inquest at domain Kourma. To make it faster, kill plenty of inquest will you are going to the second location (the inquest lab equipment ear Dabiji Hollows). Here, interact with one of the lab terminal on the top floor to get the Inquest power Scematics. Then, you can collect bounty in Kourma using the Bounty board in the allied encampment area to get Shadow creator’s seal. You need to drop by Inquest Golems which you can find right in front of the Gates of Gandara. To get the next item which is Anomaly Spark, you must do the Ley-Line Anomaly current event. The last thing that you need to collect is Mk II Power Inventer. You can do this by defeating Mark II Golem, world boss, in Mount Maelstrom. Next, is get the rest not by collecting items but getting them as the award for collecting the 7 items.

2. The 4, 5, 6th Items

the fourth one is the steam power coupling that harvested from killing Steam creature in lamentation waypoint in lomar’s pass. The next item can be obtaiened by killing golems in Kourma. Make sure you kill the Veteran Mark 11 golem in front of the gates to gandara to get the Plagued Struts. The Anomaly sparks can only be obtained by joining and accomplishing the Ley-Line Anomaly event.

3. The Last Three Items

The seventh item one again can be found by defeating the Mark 11 golem (world boss) that can be found in mount Maelstrom. Make sure you got the right spawns to get te MK 11 Power Inverter item. The 8 and 9 items are additional items that can be obtained by talking to Blish. You can meet him on next to Gorrik. Talk to the beetle to complete the collection. This mount might be one of the easiest to obtain. Even beginner can do it. But it can be tedious and time consuming. Everyone want a faster process, and one way to do it is by using the Guild Wars 2 services power leveling. You can hire MMOPilot for professional service in a reasonable price. Don’t be shy! In fact, it can help you save time, effort, and energy to finish all the collection in no time.