How to Gear Up Fast in GW2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

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Guild wars 2 is not only famous of its massive gameplay, but also the extensive gears. Imagine that you got the full gear. They are not only increase your stat, but also make your character looks unique. In the game there are 2 types of gears, exotic or ascended gear.

Both has different crafting and acquisition level. Exotic is easier and ascended gear are very hard to obtain. But if you want to get those breathtaking gears, here are things you can do to get them fast.

Gearing Up Your Character Faster

Exotic Gear

Exotic gear might be easier than ascended, but it is certainly not for newbie. There are plenty ways to get them. The basic and the core gears are purchasable from trading post, so you can save some currency for it. Playing PvP or WvW will rise your reward tracks, that eventually give you the gear as you desire. Or if you like exploring, you can finish stories, events, or achievements that will reward you with exotic gear.

Ascended Gear

Think twice if you want this type! Ascended is the best gears that certainly very hard to obtain. You need to craft every pieces that require tons of materials and higher profession levels (500). It is not only take time to get the components, but it also need a lot of effort and energy. Especially if you don’t know the trick. Imagine if you have busy IRL, this process can be very burdensome.

So, what you can do to gear up fast? Hire professional players to get your gear. Depend on the gear you want; they can get them in one or two months. Interested? Try to check Guild Wars 2 power leveling service from MMOPilot. They offer reasonable price for all of the services. You don’t need to be shy, they will help you conserve your time. They will do everything! So you can enjoy your IRL business like usual.