How to Find Rafflebones in the New World

How to Find Rafflebones in The New World

Aeternum People, make sure you read this article to find out the method and location to find Rafflebones for the rewards that you are most likely to get. Are you already curious about how to find Rafflebones in the New World? Check out the articles we’ve gathered from our pro players below right away!

How to Find Rafflebones in the New World?

  • About Rafflebones

Previously, we will give a little explanation for those who don’t know it, such as newbies or people who will play this game again after not playing it for a long time.

Rafflebones in New World the Loot Collector is a monster that appears around Aeternum with a fairly random spawn. Rafflebones itself appears in each zone with various levels. 

To kill Rafflebones, you will be given 45 seconds. If it’s less than that and the Rafflebones haven’t been killed, then this is considered a failure and you have to try again. Don’t worry, to fight Rafflebones, you just have to race against time because Rafflebones just runs. So make sure to kill him quickly.

  • Rewards

As written in the intro, you will get rewards when killing Rafflebones, such as Obsidian Gypsum for any level of Rafflebones, Weapon Named, and Umbral Shards. The interesting fact is that you can get 500 Umbral Shrads by destroying Rafflebones levels 60 and above.

This is quite tempting for players who have difficulty getting Umbral Shards because you will only be racing with your speed to catch up and kill Rafflebones.

  • Rafflebone levels

As mentioned in the existing rewards, it turns out that there are two levels of Rafflebones. You can find low-level rafflebones and high-level rafflebones. So, if you manage to kill the low-level rafflebones, then you will not get 500 umbral shards.

  • Location

Rafflebones can be easily located by accessing the map on and using the search filter. Then, at least you will find 210 possible spawn locations for Rafflebones.

To make it easier, you can get high-level Rafflebones in this zone:

  • Edengrove
  • Ebonscale Reach
  • Shattered Mountain
  • Reekwater

What Should I Pay Attention to?

Make sure you kill high-level Rafflebones to get 500 Umbral Shards. However, when you kill lower level Rafflebones, you will only get named weapons and obsidian gypsum. Not bad, depending on what you wanted beforehand.

So think about what kind of Rafflebone you’ll be killing ahead of time. running after Rafflebones and killing him would also take some effort. Next, make sure it matches your level of ability.

Having a high level with a suitable killing weapon is the dream of many players, especially newbies. However, it is possible that those who have played for a long time also have their own difficulties in killing Rafflebones.

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