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Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular online MMORPG games for gamers. The concept is unique and full of surprises to make the players addicted to waiting for news of this game update. Finally, the party from Arena.Net announced the first expansion of the Guild Wars 2 online game entitled Hearth of Thrones. The existence of this news was an exciting news for its players. Well, to know more about Guild Wars 2 service, here are the features in Guild Wars 2 that you should know.

Features in GW 2 that you should know

1. The new battlefield location

First new feature in Guild Wars 2 service is the new location named Maguuma Jungle. This place is a kind of jungle which is the main headquarters of Mordremoth’s men. Mordremoth is the sixth elder dragon that rose when the city of Lion’s Arch was destroyed. This new place must be very fun to be explored with your characters. This Jungle is still a part of an ancient civilization that disappeared for a long time. Surely, this jungle holds lots of secrets that you can find along with their treasures.

2. New skills at the maximum level

The second new feature in Guild Wars 2 is the new skill for top level characters or level 80. You will be given a Mastery skill that can open a hidden part of the Maguuma Jungle. If you have not reached the maximum level, that part cannot be accessed by its users. In the hidden areas, you can search many valuable things and create a weapon by yourself. You are also given the ability to float on the air at this level.

3. New Guild headquarters

Third new features in Guild Wars 2 are the new headquarters for the Guild. In the descriptions given by the game developer, this new headquarters is only given to some selected Guilds. But, there is no information about the missions or the function about that place yet.

That’s the discussion about features in Guild Wars 2 that you should know. There are still many of other new features that have not been mentioned yet in Guild Wars 2 service. You can find it by yourself after exploring the online game. I hope this article can help you!