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Getting yourself geared up is one of the most important things when you play Guild Wars 2. A lot of new players believe that it’s too hard to get. But, it actually is easier than it looks. There is a trick that you can use to get your ascended faster. This will be so much easier than getting your materials and crafting your own armor at the Mystic Forge. Here are things that you need to do to get your ascended armor.

How to Get Your Ascended Armor

1. The Obvious Way

The traditional way of getting your ascended armor is by crafting them yourself. If you want to get your armor, you have obtained it by getting one by one the materials. You will take a long time gathering them by farming, lots of farming. This is a painfully long process that you need to do every day instead of enjoying the game like you should do. If you want to get your ascended armor a lot faster without wasting too much effort and time, check out the next step1

2. The Fastest Way

The first thing that you need to figure out is what kind of stats you want for your build. Because each builds have different stats that you need to have if you decided to have its ascended armor. Head on to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki page, you can see the attributes that your characters need to have to get that build. Then, start to assemble them together.

If you want to gear up even faster, you should definitely consider hiring other gamers to do it for you. It’s the shortest cut that you possibly could do. A Guild Wars 2 service that offers such a thing is MMOPilot. This company has many professional gamers that are talented in what they do. Because they’re so used to do the job, they will get you gear up in a flash. There are many other packages that they have. Check them out on their website! Guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in what they offer.