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About Tyria World In Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

There is something that very interesting about Guild Wars 2 storyline. Not only all of the elements in the game have background story, but the idea are linked to each other. Like the Tyria world that have immersive history and story under its massive map. In fact, knowing about this particular world will make you more amazed with the game. So, what is this about? Here is a brief explanation for you.

The Long History Of Tyria

Guild Wars 2 Service The Developer really does thing about the behind story of the world. From the destruction of the great giants, the arrival of the six human gods and humanity from the legacy of the gods era, Dragonrise, to the modern time. The story leads to the development of a continent in the world of Tyria that also have the same name.

The World Region That Home For Many Races And Creatures

Guild Wars 2 Service In this region that consists of large area, you will find numerous races and creatures. The playable races itself are consists of five options. You can be human, Asura, Sylvaris, Norn, to Charr. There are also different kinds of creatures that range from dragon to the terrifying ghost that roaming the map.

The Large Map That House Numerous Regions With Different Climate

Guild Wars 2 Service You can tell how massive this game from the number of regions in this continents with different climates. There are a total of 10 regions that spread across the map. They are connected through waypoints that also lead to the smaller zones and areas that located in those regions. As a player, you will eventually venture along the world of Tyria, for completing map to look for item collections. Worth noting that completing or achieving something in this game is not that easy. MMOPilot as the Guild Wars 2 service power leveling is there to help you. They can level up your character or get certain weapon in no time. Don’t be shy to ask their help. They wont charge you heavenly, even more, this service can help you conserve your time and energy.

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