WOTLK Power Leveling Meta – 5 Best Classes Power Leveling

WOTLK Power Leveling Meta - 5 Best Classes Power Leveling

If you are playing WOTLK or warcraft of the lich king, then be prepared for more power leveling. Leveling up in this extension is a must, as the game is getting more complex and harder to play. But how? Rather than how, start with your class. What are the best classes for power leveling? 

1. Paladin

As a warrior of light, you got pretty much affected with the new expansion. TWOLK is about villainous acts, which means you might have to witness some changes during the update. But it also means you can be an unkillable machine with more options in leveling up. You have many things to do now. 

2. Death Knight

Death knight is like the new idol in WOTLK. It is at the peak as it is unkillable with proper skills and levels. It is also known for having high damage that might outdamage DPS classes even though you are playing as a tank. But it sure walks slow. So bear with it. 

3. Druid 

Druids become the normal jack of all trades in the new expansion. They are known to have good damage, mobility, or survivability, which make them easier to use and play. They are masters of none, so not much to expect in the end game. 

4. Mage

Min-maxer players should consider mage. This is the perfect class as you can play around with AoEs, doing trash mobs in dungeons, or stacking some skills to get OP. It is not an easy class, but it sure can get stronger. 

5. Hunter And Warlock 

The two pet classes work well for everyone as they have a good right hand, their pets. Pets are one of the OP additions as they can agro enemies and do the job. As long as you have good stats to build and support them, then you are mostly immortal.   

Do you think having the classes make it easier to reach a higher level in the game? You got it wrong. It still needs a lot to sort, especially skill and experience. If you really need to level up fast, consider our help at MMOPILOT.com. We can give you some professional hand in to max out your character.