What Are Skill Points In Lost ARK? How Does It Work?

What Are Skill Points In Lost ARK? How Does It Work?

Maxing out characters in Lost Ark is like polishing rough diamonds. It takes time as well as needs a lot of care. What you need to do for your character in Lost Ark to fully embrace the higher tier level comes from the skill points. But what are they?

What Is It About?

Similar to experience points, skills points are obtained by leveling up or going to certain activities. As the game is currently going above the 55 and 60, you will gain at least 6 skill points per level. It will take you to level 11 with 10% damage boost.

With that, you can see that skill points are important to max out your character capabilities. The points mostly affect your ultimate and skills, which at some points increase the overall Damage per second during battles. 

How Does It Work? 

But the game does have a system called breakpoint and skill tripod. It is said that skill tripods are available in skill level 4,7, and 10. But during breakpoint, you can get an additional tripod. Each break point allows you to get a good upgrade and some big stats increase.

How Do You Get Them? 

Most of the time, Lost Ark will give the skill points from normal gameplay. You will likely goes from tower, guest, collectibles, and soon. But as your character gets older or leveled up, the progress to get skill points is way harder. 

At the level 55 to 60 or around level 11 and 12 skills, you are likely in the end game phase. It means you are going to do some of many obvious and hazardous grinding. Some actions require you to do daily Una’s tasks, adventure tome completions, quests, and so on. So prepare some time and enjoy the process as it might take times. 

Surprisingly, the game is a bit confusing in many ways. It includes the skills points. But if you has issues about it, we can help you. Check out MMOPILOT for more guide or game booster to keep your character the best in the server.