What Are Guardian Dungeon Or Raid On Lost Ark? Lost Ark Guide

What Are Guardian Dungeons Or Raid On Lost Ark? Lost Ark Guide

If you are in level 50 and reaching the end game phase, you will find Guardian Dungeon as the best activity to do. It is your source of XP and materials, yet also put you in the more challenging action. So, what is it? 

What Is The Guardian Raid? 

Generally, the raid is one of the many endgame activities.  You can play it solo or with a party of four. It has tiers, 1-3 and work for 2 runs per character as daily cap. Mechanically, the raid is similar to a chaos dungeon. You need to search for the boss, and kill it. 

One thing that makes it different is that guardian raids are better when working with a party. The guardian can be more on the challenge, since the boss always has its unique mechanic. You need proper gear, monster hunt equipment, flare, and good team work. 

What Do You Do? 

Similar to the chaos dungeon, you have a mission in this raid. Basically, you need to defeat the guardian, which will be different from every dungeon. But most of the raid will consist of finding the boss and defeating it. 

This dungeon needs better coordination with other parties. You can find the boss with the help of flares, but to fight it you need to work with your party. The higher the tier you are, the more complex the attacks and Guardians mechanic. 

The first tier is relatively simple with high damage attacks and simple mechanics. But the higher level will have buff and debuff management, which can be more challenging to do. At the end of the day, the Guardian raid needs good preparation and a party. 

Playing in Guardian Raid in Lost Ark can be a bit of a challenge since you need great coordination with the party. It is also a daily activity that comes with attractive rewards. But again, it still needs enough skills to easily finish the raid. If you are in need of help or material from the game through the raid, get MMOPILOT game booster service now.