Unlocking Roller Beetle Mount Guide: How to Do It Fast – Guild Wars 2 Service

Unlocking Roller Beetle Mount Guide: How to Do It Fast – Guild Wars 2 Service

Roller Beetle as a mount is great, especially for new players to have. It’s relatively easy to obtain in your possession. Unlike the ascended gears, you don’t have to put excoriating effort to get it. Beetle will be a perfect mount for you who want to have a fast mount that can get you through the terrain in a short amount of time. It’s because Beetle has the boost that can get it to go faster. To unlock your own Roller Beetle, you need to complete these challenges.

Unlocking Your Beetle Mount

1. Beetle Juice Collection

The first collection that you need to get is Beetle Juice Collection. You can complete the mission by collecting ten items in total. Those can be found around various location across the Domain of Kourna, But, remember to get the tenth item, you don’t actually look at in the map, instead, you get it by speaking to Gorrik after collecting the nine items. If you want further explanation, heads on to other articles on this site.

2. Beetle Saddle Collection

You need to complete this mission in the region of the Domain of Kourna and several regions of Central Tyria. Look for 7 items in those areas. Some of the items you have to get by fighting a world boss and doing some events, others you can just take them from various places. You will get additional 2 items from Petey, which is an NPC that you can find near Gorrik in the Domain of Kourna.

3. Beetle Feed Collection

For this one, what you need to do it collect eight items in total. The sevens of them can be found across the region of Kourna, Tyria and the Crystal Desert. If you want to get the eighth item, you need to collect those other seven first. Most of them are from harvesting in those regions, some are fighting. After collecting those, then go back to the Petey to get your eighth item as a reward.

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