Unlocking Roller Beetle Mount Guide: How to Do It Fast – Guild Wars 2 Service

Everyone want to move fast, especially in the massive MMORPG game like Guild Wars 2. Mounting monster or animal is one of the greatest solution to boost your movement. But how if you are just a beginner? Then, go for Roller Beetle.
Achieving this mount is not that hard to do. You only need to accomplish some collections. After that, the beetle will help you rolling on the terrain faster and more efficient. Interested? Here are the challenges you should finish.

Unlocking Your Beetle Mount

1. Beetle Juice Collection

You needto collect 10 items in total that can be found in various location across the Domain of Kourna. What to do? Speak to Gorrik and collect 9 secret Stashes. After you finish it, you can continue to the next collection.

2. Beetle Saddle Collection

This stage is a little bit harder. You will have to visit Domain of Kourna and several regions of Central Tyria to collect 7 items. How to obtain them? Fighting the world boss, do events, and pick some of them in various places. Don’t forget to speak with Petey near Gorric in Domain of Kourna for collecting 2 additional items.

3. Beetle Feed Collection

This is the last collection where you need to collect 8 items. Where to find them? You can visit Kourna, Tyria, and the Crystal Desert for the first 7 items. They are also easy to achieve; you only need to harvest or do some fighting. As you got the 7 items, go talk to Petey to get the last one.
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