Unlocking Griffon Mount – Prerequisite Guide For Griffon GW2 Path Of Fire

Unlocking Griffon Mount - Prerequisite Guide For Griffon GW2 Path Of Fire

Guildwars 2 still has its flair in providing the majestic items and hidden stuff for their player. Among those attractive stuffs are the Griffon, the hidden mount that is not easy to unlock and obtain. Despite its hard to get nature, Griffon mount is still a unique achievement which also indicate the capabilities of the player itself. Want to try? 

Unlocking Griffon Mount – The prerequisite and unlocking process

The Griffon can be fully unlocked with the collection. But before that you need the condition to continue the process. 

1. Finish The Main Storyline Of The Path Of Fire. 

2. Has A Springer Mount With High Vault Rank Master 3

3. Has Around 250 Gold 

Starting with Vehtendi Academy Waypoint 

Your first trip should be in the Domain of Vabbi at the SE area of the map. You need to go there and get through with the Jackal portal. You can use a jackal to the other side or jump down with a springer. Your destination is the Yahnur plateau area on the top of the safe bubble. 

Go to the remains of the last Spearmarshal to start the achievement. Talk to them to see them ask you to help the sunspear collecting ancient artifact. Accept it by responding see what you can do. The man will give you Spearmarshal Plea to unlock the Open skies collection, where you need to finish all achievements. 

The achievements to Unlock Griffon Mount

1. Crystal desert: Open Skies Sunspear sanctuary. You need to gather sunspear relic from all 5 maps and restore them. In each map, you need to collect 9 relics to restore the sanctuary. 

2. Rare collection: sunspear wisdom. In this achievement you need to collect 11 books from Kormir’s sanctum.   

3. Crystal Desert: On wings and a prayer. The last achievement where you need to return to the wiring of the last Spearmarshal to the sanctuary.

Have a problem finishing the achievement? 

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