Tournament of Legends: Prestigious Items that You Get By Being the First Winner – Guild Wars 2 Service

Guild Wars 2 have numerous types of tournaments that held every day. From the basic tournament to the special ones, such as Dwayna’s Duo and Tournament of Legends. If you are confident with your skill, try join the later tournament and show what you got.
The tournament of legends has very interesting rewards (this is what you gonna read from this article). But of course you should be the first winner for this particular events. Many great will challenge the events for its rewards. What are the rewards? Here is your answer.

Rewards from Tournament of Legends

1. Legendary Choice Box

As the name say, this reward will allow you to choose whatever legendary items you want. Interesting isn’t it? you don’t need to craft anything! You only need to win the event. Imagine! You can get Astralaria, Frenzy, Verdarach, Hope, even the Chuka and champawat legendary weapon! As you know, crafting legendary weapon is very hard to do. It can be very tiring and time consuming. So, getting them as reward must a very great solution!

2. Black Lion Claim Ticket

As you won’t the event, you will get two of this item. Thinks about it! how much gold you will get when you exchange the tickets? Remember that black lion Claim ticket is very valuable. You can either use it for weapon skins at the Black Lion weapon specialist or turn it into liquid gold. Either ways, this item will be very beneficial in the game.

3. Trinkets And Other Things

These two items are just trinkets and things you might get from winning the events. They may not as powerful or valuable, but still they will be very beneficial. It will allow you to have access to permanent choice of finisher. There are also Llama Mini Choice Box and 1000 gems for you. All in all, everything is mouthwatering.
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