Things you should know about Dungeon in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars Service

Guild Wars 2 is a kind of game that has a pretty interesting plot so that everyone wants to play this game. You will understand the various stories contained in each plot and the choice of types of game that will be used. In the discussion of the Guild Wars 2 service, it will be discussed about several types of paths that you can play. Especially about the Dungeon in this game, here are the explanation below.

Things you should know about Dungeon in Guild Wars 2

1. Story mode

The type of channel selection that you can play in this game is in the story mode. In this story mode, you will be sent directly to the dungeon. The story will begin to conquer several enemies and challenges that are available in this story, so that you can succeed the mission from this dungeon and get the prizes.

2. Explore mode

In this mode, you can choose an underground path that you can use to find the way you want. In accordance, you can choose and determine the path you like to explore the game areas. In every place in this explore mode, you can find some challenging missions that you must face to win the game.

3. Basement

In this basement mode, it will be faster to raise the level of the character you are using. So, you can use this mode to shorten your level and skill of the characters you have. So that you can power leveling your character with the easiest way with this mode.

Those are some things about the Guilt War 2 service that you can make as additional information before playing the game. Because every experience will be useful to master each mission in this game. Besides, you also improve your character’s skills by completing all the missions. Hopefully some of the information provided above will be useful for you.