Things you should do to use serial key in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Playing online games is very addictive because it can calm your mind for a moment from your daily routine. Because it is very addictive, you must be able to control yourself to keep the limits so that you don’t become really addicted. Online games are divided into two, free online games and paid online games. However, free online games have limited access and also characters that can only be accessed by paid players.

For online games lovers, paying the games to make playing comfortable is a must. However, for beginners, paying for an online game is not bad idea, especially for a game like Guild Wars 2. Well, for beginners who just bought Guild Wars 2 service, read this information after buying GW 2.

Things you should do to use the serial key in Guild Wars 2

1. For players who have had a previous Guild Wars 2 account

The first thing you have to do after buying the Guild Wars 2 service is to go to the Arena.Net website. If you already have a Guild Wars 2 account before, you don’t need to registering anymore. You can directly click log in or https://account.arena.net/login.
On the log in menu, you must fill in your email or account name that has been registered with the password. After that, you can enter your serial key in the ‘Redeem a Code’ column provided. Then, you just click submit to continue. Remember that you have to enter the serial key manually, not by copy paste.

2. For players who have never had a Guild Wars 2 account

As explained above, you must first enter the Arena.Net website. After that, look for the register button or https://account.arena.net/register. After that, fill in the email that you want to register, the password, the account name you will use, and also the serial key in the ‘Game Serial Code’ column. Then, continue it by clicking sign up. You also have to type the code manually so that no errors occur. After that, you have to complete your data until it’s finished.

Those are things you should do to use the serial key in Guild Wars 2 service. Thing to note when entering the serial key is to type it manually. If you forget, the screen will display an error message. Hope the information above can help you!