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Are you a Guild Wars 2 newbie that curious about Raid? You come to the right place. Raid mode in this MMORPG can be very challenging gameplay for everyone. If you look at the first time the Raid Wing opened, even the experienced players found it very difficult. But now, players know the tricks to conquers the Raid and get the mountainous rewards. How about you? Interested? Here is what you should know.

Raiding Tips On Guild Wars 2 For Beginner

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1. Get The Right Profession

The first thing every beginner should know is the profession. Make sure you raid using a character with the right profession! In fact, you should try playing some easier characters such as Warrior, guardian, or Ranger. They might be very mainstream, but it is better to learn the mechanism. At the same time, this character is not useless. They are very important in a team. You can also try Druid, which has a healing power that highly needed when raiding.

2. Find A Group

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Most of the time, raiding is in a group. At least you need ten people to make a powerful team. Of course, you will look cool if you play solo, but joining a group is much easier and better. With a team, you can work together, support each other, and share information. In case you don’t know how or who to join, go to the LFG panel. The game will help you looking or assemble for potential teams.
The best teacher is experience. So, it would be best if you tried by yourself to win the Raid and get the rewarding items plus titles. In case you find it hard to learn or win, you can always hire Guild Wars 2 services. You can count on MMOPilot to help your character gain levels or win the Raid fast. It will be helpful if you want to conserve your energy. So, don’t be shy! They are professional that also offer a reasonable price, which is not as expensive as you think.

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