The Trick You Need To Know To Level up 200-300 Fast in Jewelry Crafting – Guild Wars 2 Service

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One of the mastery that you can get into in Guild Wars 2 is in Jewelry discipline. To be a Jeweler, you need to pass to level 400. In this one, we will talk about how to get from level 200 to level 300 real fast. Not many players know the trick to do that. In this article, you will get the insight on how to pass one hundred levels in a flash. Read more if you want to know how!

Jeweler Leveling Guide 200-300

1. Items to Buy

Like any other mastery, to pass as Jeweler, you first need to collect certain items. Those items are used for your crafting in your crafting station. For these one hundred levels, you need to collect 34 types of items. Those are some Hooks, Bands, Chains, Jewels, Amulets, and others. For level 200 to 300, the items that you get should be in gold and platinum. For the details on how much you should get each, go to the Guild Wars wiki.

2. Recipes to Discover

To complete the levels, you need to craft those materials that you get from NPC vendors. There are various things that you should make. But, essentially, you need to master the Apprentice recipes for gold items that you craft. While for the platinum, make them into something by using Journeyman recipes. The details on things that you should make are also on the wiki. Go there to find out.

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