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As one of the crafting profession in Guild Wars 2, leathering is very immersive. Reaching the top last 100 level to master it is not that easy. But what can you say and do? Many achievements and crafting material require you to have the 400 to 500 level of Leatherworking. The leveling progress is time and effort consuming. If you seek for easy trick, here is what you need to know.

Leatherworking Leveling 400-500

Get the materials

In this crafting level range, you will need some new materials alongside all of your previous discoveries. So, what you need? Basically there are two collections you need. The hardened Leather Gossamer and the Elonian leather damask.
The recipes and discoveries in this stage is not easy to obtain. You can either craft using the previous discoveries to gain enough exp. and sell it for higher price.

Recipes to discover in this level

Basically, as you reach this level, you have discovered a lot of recipes. But there are some recipes you can pursue in this range, the master and grandmaster recipes. Keep on crafting is your best solutions. You will need a lot of experience point in order to complete the level.
Worth noting that the grandmaster recipes is needed to reach level 500. It is only one level, but the progress is daunting and possibly boring. With that all said, mastering this profession will be very hard to do.
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