The Trick to Get Through Chuka and Champawat II: Ambush Fast – Guild Wars 2 Service

The Trick to Get Through Chuka and Champawat II: Ambush Fast – Guild Wars 2 Service

Chuka and Champawat, a legendary weapon in a form of short bow that you can get in Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet has made it interesting by giving you steps to get there. The first one being Chuka and Champawat I: The Hunt, and now the second step is Chuka and Champawat II: Ambush. This is the step that you have to get to get the precursor weapon, Tigris. This is how you can get it.

Chuka and Champawat II: The Ambush

1. What It Is

In this second step on getting your legendary weapon, you need to get the second tier of the precursor which is the Ambush. You can get it after you unlock The Hunt collection. At the end of the mission, you will be rewarded with Tricks and Tips for short Bow Crafting. This step is worth it to do to craft your Tigris weapon. It’s also super easy to get it.

2. How to Get It

There are things that you need to do to finish this step. You need to collect sixteen items in total. In each of the items, you need to do various missions and events. Some of the items you can get by speaking and learn from a Master Huntsman that is an NPC of the game. Some other items are rewarded after you get to learn from the Scholar Mossi in the Trader’s Forum in Lion’s Arch. The rest of them, get them from Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs.

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