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We know that the Chuka and Champawat is one of the interesting weapon in the Guild wars 2. It has distinguishing appearance and unique effects such as running tiger projectile. Who doesn’t want it? But crafting it is such a hassle. Since you are here, that means you have finished the first precursor achievement, right? So, here is the second “Ambush” achievement you should do.

Chuka and Champawat II: The Ambush

What It Is

So, what is this achievement thingy? If you don’t know, this system is brought together with the HOT expansion. You should do some weapon achievements to get the precursor weapon as one of the requirement for legendary weapon. In this case, to get Tigris you should finish the hunt, ambush and so on.
In this second tier, you can unlock the hunt collection which obtained by looking for teacher around the map. That is based on the myth on the realm, where you should look for appropriate teacher to research your procedure and hone your skills. But is it really looking for teacher?

How to Get It

It may say you should look for teacher, but in the gameplay you must collect a total of 16 items by speaking to master huntsman and scholar Mossi. Where to find them? Everywhere! They are everywhere across the map, which means you should move around to speak with each of them to get the items.
Moving around across the map and looking for the right person is not easy. Especially, if you consider how big the HOT expansion is. Not only hard to do, but it also takes a lot of time and money. You have to go here and there, buy this and that, and whatnot.
So, to help you with it, the easiest trick is using the GW 2 power leveling service. MMOPilot is a great one for their experience, ability, professional, player, and quick work. Don’t be shy, this service is normal to help save your time and energy.

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