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If you think Guild Wars 2 is just the normal MMORPG where every player keeps on brawling with the same enemies, then you are totally wrong. This game has a Player Vs Environment (PvE) that is very vast. It works for solo or group, which can be happening in every part of the map, and you won’t get killed by other players. Here are a brief explanation about PvE.

Pve In The Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Service

1. Explorable Zone

When it say explorable zone, that mean the whole map of Tyria. The whole map is divided into zones that separated by portal. Each of this area is filled with creatures, NPCs, and events that are free to fight or play.

2. Renown Hearts

Guild Wars 2 Service
Another Player vs Environment is the renowned hearts that can be found from the yellow heart sign in your mini map. This are is fixed in the explorable zone and will give you certain tasks to do and get reward upon the completion. The tasks are not in the form of list, but some of the directions of what you should do.

3. Events, Fractals, And Dungeons

Guild Wars 2 Service
This three particular mode are the other types of PvE in GW 2. Events are now replace the original guest system, allow people to join in certain PvE to gain reward or item collection. Fractals are mini dungeons that are means for 80+ level players, while dungeon is a location that can be completed during story mode or explorable mode.
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