The Fastest Way to Get To Level 300-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

The Fastest Way to Get To Level 300-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

There are 400 levels that you need to go through to be a Jeweler. If you already gone through the 300 levels, then congrats! You only need to level up one hundred levels more. At this time, the crafting process will get a lot more interesting. It’s because you will create more rare items that you won’t get from anywhere else. Here are things that you need to do to go through the levels fast!

Jeweler Leveling Guide 300-400

1. Items to Buy

When you reach level 300, you might probably have already many things that you crafted from the previous levels. But, it doesn’t mean that you’re set with it. You still need to buy other craft materials. In total, you need to collect about 34 kinds of items. Each of the items is varied on how much you need to craft the recipes. Some of the items that you need to buy from the NPC are Hooks, Chains, Jewels, Crystals, etc. Go to the Guild Wars wiki to find the details on how much you should buy.

2. Recipes to Discover

The most important part about getting the items is that they must be in Mithril. It’s because the crafting recipes for these one hundred levels are in Adept recipes, which is focused on Mithril as the materials. Though, for the last level which is level 400, you need to craft Orichalcum to craft Master recipes. You need to focus on it in this last level. Make sure that you go to the guild Wars wiki to find the details on the recipes.

To get to Master being a Jeweler isn’t an instant process. If you don’t familiar with the items and recipes, you can end up wasting too much time trying to figure it out. Even though at the essence crafting discipline is pretty easy, you need to learn all the recipes and buy many materials from the vendor. And for players that love a lot of actions, that maybe not something that they want to waste their time on reaching level 400.

If don’t have much time but still want to be a Jeweler, hire someone to do the boring work for you. There are many Guild Wars 2 services out there that can help you. MMOPiot is one of them that worth mentioning. They’re a leveling company that focuses on helping you have the best experience in playing the game. Their services include things like getting your mastery, leveling up your characters, getting you legendary, and so much more. If you use their service, guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the result!

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