The Fastest Way to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE – Guild Wars 2 Service

The Fastest Way to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE – Guild Wars 2 Service

If you’re familiar with the game Guild Wars 2, then you will know that the most exciting thing about playing the game is getting a legendary. There are many legendary in GW2 such as legendary armor, legendary weapon, and others. In this one, we will talk about how to get a legendary weapon, HOPE. Read more to find out how to get it in the fastest way possible.

How to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE

1. What It Is

HOPE is one of the legendary weapons that you can get in Guild Wars 2. You can craft this item in Mystic Forge. But first, you need to collect items and crafting materials to get it. Most importantly, you have to have a Heart of Thrones expansion before even attempting to unlock this. There are many things that you have to accomplish in order to get it. in the end, once you get it, it will be all worth it.

2. How to Get It

In order to get it, you have to complete various collections. There are several ones for legendary weapon HOPE. They are HOPE I: Research, HOPE II: Development, HOPE III: Prototype, and HOPE IV: The Catalyst. In each one of those collections, you have to perform a lot of tasks and events to get rewarded by the items. If you’re able to finish all of them, you will get the precursor weapon!

Not many gamers will tell you that you can get the weapon easy in quick if you know the trick. The trick is to hire a leveling company to do the job for you. With a company like MMOPilot that focuses on helping you to have the best experience in playing GW2, you will get your legendary items in no time. They’re the best Guild Wars 2 service that you can find out there. Make sure that you check them out to find what other services that you can use from them.

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