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If you are familiar or you are a Guild wars 2 player, then most likely you know how cool it is to have one of the legendaries. It can be weapons, armors, or back pieces, etc. But did you know the cool looking legendary pistol Hope? This badass weapon is not only looking cool, but powerful as well. Interested? Check this article.

How to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE

Getting Your Hand on Hope

In guild war 2, Hope is one of the legendary weapon that can be obtained by crafting in the Mystic Forge. You can’t buy it from vendor, so you have to do everything from the scratch. To get your hand in this weapon, firstly you should have the Heart of Thorns expansion.

How To Get The Weapon

Have you got the HOT expansion? If you do, then this is the time to start your journey. Crafting legendary weapon is not easy! You have to gather materials and the precursor HOPE. In the case of precursor, you have to complete all of the weapon achievements. From the HOPE I: research, HOPE II: Development, HOPE III: Prototype, and HOPE IV: The Catalyst. Each of them has different task and mission to do. After you finish it, you will get the precursor weapon and complete the required items for legendary weapon.

You can say that the proses will take days to finish. You have to finish all of the tasks, gathering some materials, travelling around the Tyria Map, even waiting for other crafted materials.

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