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One of the greatest achievement in the Guild War 2 is crafting the legendary weapon.The temptation of the cool looking gear and its effect is worth your effort. From numerous weapons, Hope is one of the coolest long range pistol in the game. But to craftit is not easy. You have to complete HOPE II: Development. Here is how to defeat the challenge.

Legendary Weapon HOPE II: Development

What It Is

As cool as it looks, to get the legendary weapon is not easy. HOPE need a precursor weapon named prototype that can be obtained from 3 achievements, research, development, and the catalyst.

Based from the in game description, the myth say that you need to find a teacher to research your procedure and hone your skills. Thus, you should start gathering materials and finally rewarded with the mechanical pistol crafting recipe.

How to Get It

What you should do in this development process? The answer is a lot, more than you think. In this phase you have to finish the first part, but you still haven’t got your cool precursor. So, you must collect another 1 plus 14 items in this part.

Basically what you should do is moving around to do the research (quite literally). You have to speak to Master Huntsman, Scholar Mossi, and others. Buying some stuff from different people, and eventually spent a lot of time just to finish them. Then, you have to move on to the next achievement. Is it worth? yes, but it is such a hassle even for pro-gamer.

All in all, the process can take a very long time. From the precursor weapon and the gifts, the overall process is very long. But don’t worry,you can use the guild war power leveling through MMOPilot. We will help you gather, finish, and do all those tasks to complete the legendary weapon. Don’t be shy! We won’t charge too much and we will help you conserve time. So, check out our service.