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Did you know how many level of Leatherworking mastery in Guild Wars 2? The answer will be 500 levels. Since you are here, that means you have finish the halfway through to get master the profession.
But hold your horse dude! Your journey is still long. Now you can craft medium armors for yourself or sell it for more money. But as a pre warning, we gonna tell you that the process can be hella long and boring. Still up for this? read the details below.

Leatherworking Leveling 200-300

Materials To Complete the 200 Till 300

As you finish the 150 to 200 levels, that means you got all the requirement to complete the apprentice recipes. After those recipes or mastery, you will have to use bunch of course leather cotton materials.
In many cases, you should prepare lots for the Course Leather Cotton and the Rugged Leather linen crafting. How to get the materials? Looks from NPC vendors or you can look for the items on the trading post.

Discovering recipes

Is there something new in this level range? Of course there is. In fact, every level range will come with different recipes to unlock. There are two actually, the Apprentice Recipes and the Journeyman recipes. As you accomplish the recipes, you will get better ranking, experience, and your items will be sold higher. How to finish it? Make masks, coats, boots, and gloves.
But doesn’t it take a lot of time and hard to do? Fortunately, leveling leatherworking or any other crafting profession is not that hard to do. But, it is certainly take a lot of time and very boring. To help you with that, you can hire MMOPilot for Guild Wars 2 leveling services.
They are skilled, professional, and very fast at doing their job. They are also very reputable in the field since they offer a more reasonable price. It will help you conserve your time, effort, and energy. So, don’t be shy to hire them. They will make your character leveled up in no time.

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