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The display of an online game has its own interest for the gamers. Good image and quality of online game make the players more interested in playing the game. One of the game that has an attractive display quality is Guild Wars 2. This game has many areas that have each different appearance and they have their own uniqueness.
Not only the appearance of the game, the appearance of characters, weapons, even the armor also has different charasterisctics from other online games. This game has several types of armor that are used to kill enemies. To find out more, here are all the things about armor in the Guild Wars 2 service.

The appearance of Armor in Guild Wars 2

1. Skin
In the Guild Wars 2 service, there are several types of armor that are used for the characters you choose. First time you look into the armor, you must see the skin of them. Skin is like the appearance of the armor that has many interesting colors and effects. If you want to hae many kinds of armor’s skin, you can buy it at the jewel shop that has been provided in the game. But you have to collect as much money as you need to buy them.
2. Armor set
There are also many kind of armor set that you can collect in this Guild Wars 2 game. This armor set is used to build the strog weapon for your character to kill the monster in the game. You can combine the armor with the skin’s armor you have.
3. Dye
This last is about dye that let your armor to be different by matching the color you want. This way, you can add an impression to the characters you use and support the appearance of your hero. Not only give interesting color, your armor will be more powerful after you use this dye.
Those are all about armor’s appearance in the Guild Wars 2 service game that you can should know. You can choose several types of armor and suit your character. Hopefully some of the information provided above can be useful.

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