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The Appearance of Armor in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

One of the appeals of the Guild Wars 2 is the drop dead gorgeous appearance. Not only the build, the effect, the whole environments, and many other aspects have a very appealing visual. In this part, let’s talk about the armor in the Guild Wars 2. In this game, the armor appearance is divided into three main visual parts. The armor set, skins, and dye. Here is the information for you.

The Appearance Of The Armor

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1. Armor Set

The armor set come as a set that designed to go together. You can identify this kind of armor from the similar name, common appearance, and method of acquisition. Most of the time, the armor set are known for having unique appearance. The counterpart of the armor set is standalone armor, which is considered as unique skins or slots without any part of a set.

2. Skins

Guild Wars 2 Service_76-2 The skins are literally the character’s skins. It is part of the wardrobe that separated from stats. You can change those using Transmutation charges that can be crafted using some other ingredients. There are also skins item them are commonly obtained through rewards or bought from gem store. This item is one time used, so once you remove it, you will need to use Transmutation Charge as well.

3. Dye

Guild Wars 2 Service_76-3 Armor comes with their basic or predetermined color. But, dye is here to break the former color. Each of items has four dye channels or different areas that can be dyed. But there is also some items that only has one part. You can get the dye by buying or obtaining it from rewards. The dyes can also be removed using dye remover. Of course, there are numerous armors with different tier, material, effect, and attachment. Some of the higher level armors appear way more gorgeous than the basic one. However, obtaining them is not as easy as you though. In case you are looking for a faster solution, hire the Guild Wars 2 power leveling service from MMORPG. They can help conserve your energy by leveling up your character faster with affordable cost. So, don’t be shy to ask their help!

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