Super Fast Silver Farming in Lost Ark

Best Way to Farm Silver

When playing Lost Ark created by Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios, have you ever had trouble finding Silver Farming? Many players need silver, silver is used for various and many things, such as buying potions, upgrading gear, buying quest items and many others. Of the several currencies in the Lost Ark, silver is needed in the game, so many players spend their time on silver farming.

How to Silver Farm Super Fast?

  • One Time Quest
    • Welcome Challenge
  • To Silver Farming super fast in Lost Ark, Welcome challenge is an achievement quest that can only be done once, with certain achievement challenges you can get various silver rewards.
  • NPC Rapport Reward
  • As the name suggests, this reward can be obtained through the NPC rapport according to the affinity level of the NPC rapport. To increase your affinity, you can do daily songs, emoticons or give gifts up to a certain amount according to the affinity point needs of each rapport NPC. And for the usual reward in the form of per coin which is useable to get between 1000 to 20,000 silver.
  • Island Quest
  • Each island has their own quest, and some of the quests within the island provide an attractive amount of silver as a reward but can only be done once.
  • Daily & Weekly Events
    • Una Task
  • Una’s Tasks are your Daily and Weekly Quests in Lost Ark, accessible through Alt+J or the Adventure bar in the bottom right of your screen. They offer you 3 quests per day and 3 quests per week with various choices of rewards. One of the rewards is silver currency, such as the daily quest from Lopang Island and the weekly quest Chaos Dungeon which has more silver rewards than other quests.
  • Proycon Adventure Island
  • One of the most popular ways to get silver is Proycon Adventure Island, which can be done every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). This event provides 3 choices of events that can be taken and also each player will get a variety of rewards from the adventure, including silver.
  • Login Event Rewards
  • With certain criteria, every time they log in every day, each player will automatically progress their daily login reward like a daily absence. and in a certain amount of time the event will reward silver with an attractive amount.
  • Exchange
    • Una Token Exchange
  • Una’s tasks are your Daily and Weekly Quests in Lost Ark, every player will get progress on their reward track that will gave them Una Token in each track. Then, you can exchange Una Token to Gold in some amount, and from gold to silver. 
  • Bloodstone Sylmael Ecxhange
  • By using the guild currency sylmael bloodstone, each player can exchange it for various items on the npc sylmael exchange and one of them is silver.
  • Gold Exchange
  • By using gold each player can exchange their gold into silver through the NPC Gold Rush
  • Collectible

Sea Bounties: By collecting Secret maps throughout the continent and through many events, in a certain amount you will get a reward in the form of silver boxes with varying amounts from 20,000 to 2 million silver.

  • Grinding and Daily Alternative Character
    • Chaos Dungeon Grinding
  • By doing chaos dungeons over and over again, with 1500 to 5000 per chaos dungeon, players can collect silver rewards repeatedly up to the desired amount.
  • Daily Alternative Character
  • Silver is a currency that can be used for 1 ID, meaning that in 1 roster or several chars you can use the amount of silver together. By using char alt there are many things that can be used for silver farming. including doing daily in each character, such as daily & weekly una task, proycon adventure island and daily etc.

How Do I Determine How To Quickly Farm Silver in Lost Ark?

By understanding your own playstyle and interests. You can’t match your game rhythm and skills with other players carelessly and decide on the right method for farming silver.

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