Skyscale Achievement Guide 2 Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Spirit And Fear GW2

Skyscale Achievement Guide 2 Saving Skyscales - Skyscale Of Spirit And Fear GW2

After finishing the growth and dead collection for the Saving Skyscale achievement, you can continue with the Spirit and fear collection. Still has the same process, you need to collect four to five items by infusing your Skyscale egg to its element. Here are things to do. 

Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Spirit

Five items are needed for this collection, and your first step is speaking to Amaranda the Lonesome at Venlin vale. The collection will take you to several places to gather spirits of greater individuals. Your second item is Spirit of the lich king, which you find at Joko’s tomb in Jahai Bluffs. 

The next destination is to collect centaurs’ spirits in the Ancestor Tree at the ruined Procession in Jahai Bluffs. The fourth one is the Hero, as you need to visit the shrine to Turai Ossa’s defeat in Elon Riverland. And the last one is the spirit of the prophet in the Prophet’s fall in the Desert highland. 

Saving Skyscales – Skyscale Of Fear

As the name says, you will take the egg to experience fears of phobias. But you start the collection by speaking to Orson at the Demon’s maw. From there, you need to get Astraphobia by getting hit by a Brandstorm and get the effect of Fury of the brand at Domain of Vabbi. 

The third one is glossophobia by finishing an event at Academy waypoint ‘speak from the lectern to lecture against Joko brainwashing before the instructor arrives”. Alektorophobia is obtained as you attack chickens in Fallen Angels Garrison until An angry Chickens appear. Acrophobia requires you to jump from the Blazeridge Steppes at Low land burn using a springer.

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