Skyscale Achievement Guide 1: Newborn Skyscales – GW2

Skyscale Achievement Guide 1: Newborn Skyscales - GW2

Skyscale is one of the best flying mounts in GW2 or Guild Wars 2. It gives a versatile flying transportation that helps improve the game immersion. But the way to get it is a bit more than just simple. You need to do several steps. And the first achievement you need to do is newborn Skyscale. 

Step 1:

Go to Gorrick on the Dragonfall map. He is around south. Remember his place, since you will visit him again later. 

Step 2:

Skyscale Scales Collection 

Your mission is to gather dragon scales, 21 in total. All of them are around Dragonfall and split into almost all different regions. 

The locations are Sky’s Reach, Pact Command (2 Items), Crystal Wing, Melandru’s Chalice (2 Items), Mosswood (2 Items), Grenth’s Teeth, Dragon’s Snare (2 Items), Wing’s Shadow (2 Items), Necrotic Coast, Virulent Wastes (2 Items), Crystal Bloom Camp, Umbral Battlegrounds, Howling Gate, And Dragon’s Causeway. 

Step 3:

Skyscale Medicine Collection

You can purchase two of the medicines from vendors in Dragonfall. The three others are from merchants in Pact Command, but finish ten events in their regions (putting out fires in burning forest, life in the underworld at the underworld, and cutting weeds in Melandru’s lost domain).  

Step 4:

Report To Gorrick Again To Tell What You’ve Learned

Step 5:

Skyscale Fever Collection

Go to 14 places to heal the sick skyscales. Some places to find ailing skyscales are at Sky’s Reach, Grenth’s Teeth, Necrotic Coast, Wing’s Shadow, Ember Gate, Virulent Wastes, Scorched Cliffs, Umbral Battlegrounds, Dragon’s Causeway, Gnarlgrove, Skein, Crystal Wing, Melandru’s Chalice, And Mosswood.  

Step 6:

Return To Gorrick After Administering Medicine To All Skyscale

Step 7:

Collecting Skyscale Egg  

You will need to go around some regions. Your destination should be around Necrotic Coast (2 Eggs), Ember Gate, Virulent Wastes, Crystal Bloom Camp, Scorched Cliffs, Umbral Battleground (2 Eggs), Dragon Causeway, Gnarlgrove, The Skein (2 Eggs), Crystal Wings (2 Eggs), Malandru’s Chalice, Mosswood (2 Eggs), And Olmakhan Camp.  

Step 8:

Back To Gorrick In Dragoon Fall And Converse With Him

Sounds easy right? Remember that this is only the first achievements. You got some others to finish. Not sure what to do or feeling too much with the mission? Check out our MMOPILOT services. We got booster services to help you get the iconic Skyscale for reasonable price.