WotLK The Kalu’ak reputation Honored to Revered




WotLK The Kalu’ak reputation Honored to Revered | The Kalu’ak is a neutral tribe of tuskarr.

The word neutral means:

  1. The faction alignment of an NPC, town, or city that is not allied or hostile towards the  Alliance or  Horde. Contrast with Friendly and Unfriendly.
  2. Derivative; the availability of a quest or item that is obtained through an Neutral aligned NPC.
    • Available to both Alliance and Horde is not the same thing as available through a Neutral NPC.
    • Pairs of nearly identical quests that have an Alliance quest giver and end point and a Horde quest giver and end point are not a single Neutral quest.
      • They are a pair of Alliance and Horde quests.
      • The quest id numbers are different.
  3. The disposition alignment of a monster, beast, or NPC towards your character
    • When you click on Neutral beasts or NPCs, their name and highlight will be yellow.
    • Neutral creatures will not attack unless attacked.
    • Neutral creatures become hostile when attacked, but will revert to neutral, if you go out of attack range for long enough.( Honored to Revered )
    • Most non-carnivorous beasts will be neutral.
    • Goblins are typically neutral NPCs.
    • You can talk to some neutral creatures.
    • Not all Neutral creatures can be attacked.
      • Darkmoon Faire NPCs cannot be attacked, even when they are Neutral.
      • (Applies mainly to Horde) Neutral NPCs from your own faction generally cannot be attacked; there are specific exceptions.
  4. The Reputation Level 3000 points below Friendly and above Unfriendly.
    • The members of a faction you have a Neutral reputation with will generally have a like disposition alignment towards you.

tribe is a social unit consisting of a number of families united under a common hereditary chieftain. Typically, trolls organize in these groups, and some sources suggest tauren and taunka identify more often as tribes than clans. The term tribe is sometimes used interchangeably with the term clan.

  • Each individual tribe has a chief or chieftan, such as Vol’jin (Chief of the Darkspear tribe) or Cairne Bloodhoof (Chief of the Bloodhoof tribe and Chieftain of the United Tauren Tribes).
  • In the current structure of the Horde, all clans answer to one warchief.
  • Non-Horde races that form tribes include the naga.
  • Humans used to be organised in tribes before being united by King Thoradin of the Arathi.

The tuskarr are humanoid walrus people who live in Northrend. They make their home along the southern coast of the continent having settlements in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight and Howling Fjord. The tuskarr culture is centered around fishing and whaling such that a tuskarr’s fishing ability is seen as a moral guideline of sorts.Tuskarr females farm the few crops that grow in the tundra while also collecting a variety of berries and roots. Animal husbandry exists in the tuskarr culture, including the breeding of penguins as farm animals.

Tuskarr are humanoids with solid builds, thick torsos, and broad shoulders. They wear warm furs under oilskin jackets. Their heads are blunt and almost hairless, with a pair of great tusks pointing down from their upper jaw. Their brown faces are friendly and expressive.Due to their walrus-like attributes, some tuskarr have been known to hold their breath for 10-15 minutes underwater, however they rarely explore into the depths of the icy seas.

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