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New World Mining (Pickaxe) is a Gathering Trade Skill in New World. Mining allows for the gathering of Ores and Oil used in a variety of Crafting and Refining skills. Also allows the player to track nearby resources pertaining to the skill. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master. Trade Skills belonging to the Crafting category focus on creating a large variety of items ranging from Weapons and Consumables to ammunition and furniture.

Mining Information

Mining (Pickaxe) is the Gathering skill used to obtain materials such as Ores and Oil used in a variety of applications such as Crafting and Refining skills. Higher level miners can also gather elemental materials including motes, wisps, essences and quintessences which are used to craft elemental equipment and items.

Mining is performed by finding ore nodes and veins across Aeternum and using a Pickaxe to collect the ore. At first, players can only collect Iron ore which is the lowest tier but by continually utilizing and leveling up the Mining skill, players will be able to mine from higher-tier materials and collect rarer resources from them such as Raw Gemstones.

Mining Leveling up

Leveling up in Mining (Pickaxe) allows for the gathering of rarer, higher-tier resources.
As with all Trade Skills, leveling up Gathering skills is done by continuously using the skill.
Leveling up in a Gathering skill unlocks the ability to gather a wider variety of resources including higher-level ones.
Additionally, unlocks the ability to detect nearby resources, as well as special resources used to modify items created by Crafting skills.

Mining Tools

New World Mining (Pickaxe) requires the use of a Mining Pickaxe which can be crafted via Engineering. There are several tiers of Pickaxes available, each with an Engineering level requirement and a Forge tier requirement corresponding to the Pickaxe’s tier in order to craft. Utilizing higher-tier pickaxes will speed up mining but is not required in order to mine higher-tier ores. When crafting Pickaxes, a Miner’s Charm can be included in the crafting process for a chance to imbue the tool with the Miner’s Luck Perk which provides a small boost to the chance of obtaining Rare Resources when mining. Pickaxes must be in the player’s inventory in order to perform the Mining skill.

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