LostArk Guardian Raid Challange x3




Guardian Raid Challange x3 | A Guardian Raid is an endgame activity where up to four players work together to take down a Guardian boss. Players have 20 minutes to find and kill the Guardian, and each Guardian boss comes with unique mechanics. This is one of Lost Ark’s daily endgame activities, much in the same vein as Chaos Dungeons.

Unlike Chaos Dungeons, this activity highly encourages players to find a team. Clearing a Guardian Raid solo is not recommended. Build some flares from your Stronghold, bring your best gear, and prepare to hunt a giant monster. here !

Guardian Raids are unlocked upon reaching level 50 and completing the “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate” guide quest. You can find the quest in North Vern. If it’s not available to you, be sure you’ve finished the Chaos Dungeon guide quest. To queue for a Guardian Raid, head to the minimap icon that looks like a red banner in any major city.

Starting out, you’ll only be able to clear the first raid level of Guardians. To unlock additional raid levels, you’ll need to complete all subsequent Guardian Raids. For example, to unlock raid level two, you’ll need to complete all four Guardian Raids at raid level one.

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