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The Siege Turtle is a combat mount that can be used by two players at once: a driver and a gunner. It can be exclusively unlocked through End of Dragons, and can be freely borrowed during multiple events within the expansion maps. This mount, along with an upgraded skimmer, is the only one that can be also used underwater.

Specifically a breed simply called Giant Turtle, in the past, Siege Turtles were the staple of the Luxon Armada in their war against the Kurzicks. Tamed and raised by the Turtle Clan, they were cared for in hatcheries, the largest of which being Gyala Hatchery that was used for other aquatic life as well. The Luxons had mounted cannons atop of the turtles’ shells via scaffolding, and used magical jade as ammunition, trained at the Leviathan Pits to fire at smoke cannister signals. Not all of the turtle breed were trained for warfare, however, as some Hauler Turtles were instead trained to move heavy shipments, such as large piles of jade out of quarries. These turtles were also used by the Turtle Clan as opposed to Luxon Leviathan ships, which the other two clans, Crab and Serpent, preferred using to move around the solidified Jade Sea.

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