Ascended weapon / armour (per piece)




Ascended weapon are weapons of Ascended rarity. All ascended weapons come with a single infusion slot when they are one-handed or off-hand, and two when they are two-handed or aquatic.


Ascended weapons can be obtained in a variety of ways.


Completing certain achievements will reward players with an Ascended weapon.

  • Gold Fractal Master
  • Machined Weapons collection
  • War Cache of the Twin Dynasts
  • Primordus Weapons collection – Staff only. Requires Living World season 3 chapter 2 – Rising Flames to complete.
  • Specialization Collections – Requires the respective elite specialization to be unlocked. Must be fully trained to complete.
  • Knight of the Thorn – Requires Heart of Thorns chapter 16: Hearts and Minds to be completed. Choice of dagger, greatsword, scepter, shield, or sword. May be exchanged for a different one through Ridhais.
  • The King Toad and The Storm Wizard – Requires Super Adventure Box festival to be active.


  • Completing certain events can reward players with Ascended weapons.
  • Defeating Tequatl the Sunless has a small chance to reward players with a Tequatl’s Hoard or an Ascended weapon chests, from the Exotic Dragon Chest which is only obtainable once daily.
  • Mistborn Coffers in Dragonfall have a small chance to contain Gift of Aurene (one gift is guaranteed to drop once per account within the first 1000 coffers opened).
  • Dragon Coffers, available during Dragon Bash festival and through trading, have a small chance to contain Gift of Aurene or Tequatl’s Hoard.
  • Daily fractal chests have a small chance of rewarding Ascended weapon chests.
  • Raid bosses have a chance to drop a specific weapon. This weapon is the same type available for purchase from Scholar Glenna after defeating that particular boss. Only available once per kill weekly.
  • World versus World rank up rewards Reward track loot boxes
  • Guild missions
  • Very small chance from opening Champion loot bags.


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