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Clash of Clans 8 Hours Boosting | A freemium mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans is compatible with both iOS and Android. The player assumes the role of village chief in a persistent fantasy environment and must employ careful planning to keep their settlement safe from intruders and mount raids on neighboring settlements. Building a solid Clash of Clans Town Hall that can withstand attacks from any enemy and field a flawless army that can destroy any structure they send your way takes a lot of time and effort, but reaching TH14 is well worth the effort.

That’s why there’s Clash of Clans boosting: professional players do all the hard work for you, quickly and affordably. When it comes to boosting services, many gamers choose to have their CoC levels increased. You may skip the sweaty gaming and go straight to crushing everyone with your fully upgraded Town Hall in Clash of Clans.

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Located in Indonesia, we are a professional power leveling service. with Seven years Plus experience we began providing this particular service.
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What’s the deal?
Simple! As soon as your order has been processed, you will get an email with a link to your secure client area. There, you’ll be able to ask questions, see when you can expect your order, and see updates as they happen, all in real time. The website’s live chat feature and client area are staffed at all hours.

Term of Services:
✧ All boosting is manually done, without the use of any cheats or illegal program.
✧ All of our boosters are based in Indonesia.
✧ You will not receive a refund if your account is blocked due to IP sharing. By beginning boosting, you consent to our use of the account. As a result, you will receive a full refund if a program or other means ever permanently disables your account.
✧ The Leveling is done completely by hand, no third-party programs are involved in our boosting services
✧ Security of your account is our top priority – we take multiple precaution measures for that
✧ We have refund system, more details please check our website (Clash of Clans 8 Hours Boosting

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