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Albion Fishing is a gathering skill that was added to the game with the Lancelot patch. Players can try to catch fish in any body of water in the game. Higher tier zones allow players to catch higher tier fish. To start fishing and catch fish a player must equip a fishing rod, stand close to a body of water and throw out the fishing lure.

Depending on the zone the player is in, either freshwater fish or saltwater fish can be caught. The mouse icon will change to a fishing bob icon if fish can be caught in the water you are trying to fish in. Waters also contain school of fish. Fishing inside the circle of the school of fish yields fish more frequently and is an indicator if the waters have recently been overfished or not.

  • Fishing has a chance to give seaweed as a bonus in areas that have not yet been exhausted – the chance for this bonus increases with the tier of the fishing spot
  • Food that gives a bonus to gathering yield also applies that same bonus to fishing yield
  • Fisherman Armor and Avalonian Fishing Rods apply their fishing yield bonuses to T1 fish and seaweed – previously these only applied to T2 fish up to a maximum defined by the item
  • Destiny Board fishing speed and fishing yield bonuses apply to all tiers (previously only 3-8)

Fishing is a popular and profitable activity in Albion Online. Players can fish in any body of water, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, using a fishing rod and bait. Fishing requires patience, as players must wait for a fish to bite before reeling it in fish

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