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Albion Any Category  The Hunter Lodge is an Military Building that allows a player to craft Leather Armor and Ranged Weapons

A Hunter’s Lodge may be located in the main cities, Islands or Home Territories.

A Hunter’s Lodge outside of Starter Cities are owned by players and are likely to have a usage fee associated with them

By using a Hunter’s Lodge in the main city, the player may receive a material return if they use Focus. Crafting Focus is a Game Mechanic that improves seed yield when watering Crops, Offspring yield when nurturing Farm Animals, resource return rate (RRR) when crafting or refining, and finally improves the quality while crafting for items that have quality such as Armor, Weapons, Accessories, and Mounts. Characters individually with Premium Status active passively earn 10,000 Focus points over a 24-hour period The maximum Crafting Focus for a character is 30,000 points Crafting Focus costs are decreased by improving the Mastery and Specializations for the relevant action in the Destiny Board. Players will not receive a material return on an Island.

The Hunter’s Lodge will need to be fed. Every building has a favorite food and when you use this food on the Hunter’s Lodge, the nutrition is doubled

Hunter Lodge favorite food is Potato Salad. The Potato Salad is a Tier 6 consumable that increases crafting speed and quality Players may craft Potato Salad at the Cook Potato Salad may add nutrition to crafting stations and is the Favorite Dish at the Hunter’s Lodge Players may only have one type of Food active at one time Effects of Potato Salad last for 2 minutes Potato Salad per craft: 10

The building itself may be demolished using the Demolish option in the building menu. Player receives a portion of the materials in return

Unlocking the Leather Armor node on the Destiny Board allows you to use:

  • Leather Jackets also known as Jackets
  • Leather Hoods also known as Hoods
  • Leather Shoes also known as Shoes

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