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Nowadays, playing an online game is not something rare anymore because almost all people have internet in their home, both by mobile data or wifi. The online games are growing rapidly through the technologies, one of them is the MMORPG online game. One of well known MMORPG’s game is Guild Wars 2 service or GW 2. For further reviews about this kind of game, here are 3 reasons why you should play Guild Wars 2 online.

Reasons why you should play Guild Wars 2 online

1. Have many types of weapons available
First reason why you should play Guild Wars 2 online is because of the variations on its weapons. This Guild Wars 2 service game has 8 types of weapons that can be selected based on the characters you play. Each character has its own unique weapon and you can adjust it according to your flagship weapon.
Every weapon that you choose must have their own skills. Of course, it is influenced by the character you choose. You also have to adapt your weapons to your environment in the game. Suppose if you are fighting in the water, then the weapons you used on the land cannot be used.
2. No monotonous event
Second reason why you have to play Guild Wars 2 is because it has many events that are not monotonous. You will not find this kind of events in other MMORPG games. Events on Guild Wars 2 tend to be dynamic with surprises that will make you addicted to play.
For example, your character is walking in the game arena, suddenly there comes an enemy that force to attacks you wildly. Or when you walk somewhere, there are some NPC characters who ask for your help. That way, you will not feel bored even though you have reached the highest level. Because every round you will be surprised by a very interesting event.
3. There is no ‘end game’ word
Last reason why you must play Guild Wars 2 is because there is no ending in Guild Wars 2. So when you have reached the highest level, you can still do other interesting things. Examples of things you can do are raid and dungeon fractals.
That was the 3 reasons why you should play Guild Wars 2 online. These three reasons will certainly make you more addicted to this online game. In addition, this Guild Wars 2 service is also very suitable for those of you who are very busy because they have flat leveling. May this article will be useful for you.

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