Raising Skyscale Achievement: Skyscale Treats GW2 Guide

Raising Skyscale Achievement: Skyscale Treats GW2 Guide

Raising skyscale achievement also includes the treat sub achievement. For this collection you need to defeat 14 creatures to get the items. 

A good hint for you, you likely get the item drop from champions, level 80 enemy groups, or loot box in PVP or WVW reward track. After collecting all the treats you can give them all of the skyscale all at once. Here are some hints on the enemies. 

Karka Leg, Dried Cat’s Paw, Dried Flower, And Dried Carapace 

Karka is found north of Canach’s folly. You can get Cat’s paw item from anywhere with a sand lion. Some places are Saifuri sand sea, desert highland, or Elon Basin. Dried flower is obtained by defeating Iboga. Carapace can be dropped by desert insects. 

Dried Bark, Dried Eel, Dried Hoof, And Dried Shark 

Dried bark is dropped by Jacaranda, and you can find them in desert highlands or Elon basin. Dried eels mostly from Sands eel at desert highlands. Dried hoof is from rock gazelles from Elon basin, and dried sand from sand sharks. 

Bat Wing, Skale Fin, Skeik Liver, And Spider Leg 

You can get to human’s lamen at wathcrag tower to defeat bats. Skale fin come with are from skales, Skelks liver are from Skelks, and spider leg from spiders. 

Minotaur Flank And Wyvern Wing 

Tasty minotaur flank is obtained from defeating minotaurs; you can find it around eastern Mihan hillsides at Seborhin waypoint. Wyvern wing is also obtained from defeating wyvern. 

Tips for you

Prepare your best items to fight, since you will face champion or higher level enemies. You might also need to go around to find the monsters, but quite a few of them are found around Elon Riverlands close to Elon Riverbank. Try those spots.

Defeating enemies for the treat demand skills, level, and gameplay tactic. Remember that most of the enemies are high level, so prepare yourself with the best items. It may or not take time, depending on how much you can grind and luck. But if you have not time to work with it, consider our MMOPILOT game booster service for Skyscale Mount.