Raising Skyscale Achievement: Skyscale Toys GW2 Guide

Raising Skyscale Achievement: Skyscale Toys GW2 Guide

The last sub achievement for the Raising Skyscale is pretty easy. Generally, you need to buy 4 toys from around Tyria. Despite the easy to do list, you might have to do several things to reach the sellers. Here is a bit of a guide for you. 

What Items? 

1. Used Hard Ball 

You buy it from Jannat. He is at Vehtendi Academy in the Domain of Vabbi. You can find him as you go outside from the classroom and go down stairs to house Rolic Poi. 

2. Used Bird Whistle 

Purchase the item from Gortho, Son of Malik. He is near Gladefall Run in iron marches. If you cannot find him there, try to finish Escort Gortho expedition to Bronzeglade Crossing event.

3. Heavy Duty Dolyak Blanket 

The Blanket will be unlocked and can be bought from Herder Lyot. He is located in Vouldermouth Vale in Lornar’s Pass. 

4. Grow Lamp 

The last one is crafting the grow lamp. You will need a recipe where you can get it from a jeweler in Drytop. You can also buy it from a trading post. 

You don’t have to spend anything for the achievement. The only thing you need to pay is when you prefer to craft the Grow lamp instead of buying it from the Trading Post. You will need 10 orichalcum settings, 10 charged quartz crystal, 25 watchwork sprockets, and 25 sunstone lump. 

In this achievement, you only need to buy the items for several traders in different places. IT is pretty easy, but you have to go around. After you got one, be sure to give it to your skyscale in Sun’s refuge.  

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