Raising Skyscale Achievement: Skyscale Care GW2 Guide

In raising skyscale achievement you will need to do three separate sub achievements that bring you to raise the Skyscale baby through several processes. It includes several processes, which might need days to finish. The first sub achievement is skyscale care, where you basically take care of the mount. Here are things to know. 

What is it? 

You will need to collect 13 item collections, which you can obtain as you give the skyscale food. You will need to prepare at least 24 (12 each food) slabs of red meat, 300 (25 each) bloodstone dust, 12 (1 each) charged quartz, and 60 (5 each) globs of ectoplasm. With that you can get 12 foods through Mystic forge.

How much time does it take? 

Naturally the achievements will be done or take around 4 day time gate. If you don’t have Charged quartz, the time gate for this mission can take 22 days.You can also buy the food from the trading post, but you can also craft it (for those who have no charged quartz). 

Remember that charged quartz crystals are account bound and time gated. It may take  more time and money. And if you do want to buy, you need to spend around 4 quartz crystal for 4 days’ time gate. But you can only buy 8 pieces of food on the trading post for 100 quartz crystal. 

What to do? 

There are 12 items that you can get after giving food for the skyscale. You only need to give one each for every skyscale and the maximum amount is 3 pieces. You will need to use feed skill to give the food to the skyscale

The skyscale care and feeding the food for the mount is not that complex to do. However, it does take time and needs several items to craft. Be sure you can gather the item beforehand, but don’t craft the food before the mission. 

After that you can continue to the Skyscale Treat achievement. Remember that it is just one of three sub achievements. If you find it too much to do, consider our game booster service at MMOPILOT.