Quick Way to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE I: Research – Guild Wars 2 Service

Quick Way to Get Legendary Weapon HOPE I: Research – Guild Wars 2 Service

Are you on your journey to get the legendary weapon HOPE? If yes, you come to the right place. This article is filled with information on the best and quickest way to get the legendary pistol. The research collection achievement is the first step to gain the first precursor, Research. If you want to know the trick to get if fast, you need to read more of the article below.

Legendary Weapon HOPE I: Research

1. What It Is

In this first collection achievement to get legendary weapon HOPE, you will learn the apprentice in discovering the secrets of the work of Hylek. They are the best Tyria’s alchemists. They’re the masters of potion and poison. The one that you want to get to if you want to learn those things. To complete this mission, you first need to unlock HOPE Vol. 1 and have the prerequisite of Revered Antiquarian. At the end of the mission, you will be rewarded with the Chest of Concoctions.

2. How to Get It

Like stated above, you have to first already unlock the HOPE Vol. 1. In this one, you will start with the first tier for building Prototype precursor. To complete this collection, you have to make sure that you collected 20 items in total. For each of those items, you need to perform various tasks and events. At least on each, you have to do seven tasks. So, this is a lengthy process that you have to do.

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