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Every Guild War 2 player knows how tiring and hard it is to get legendary weapon. Especially the generation 2 gear that need a special untradeable precursor weapon. Just like the pistol type legendary weapon “Hope”. To complete precursor, you need to finish 3weapon achievements.The first one is the HOPE I: Research. Here is what you need to know.

Legendary Weapon HOPE I: Research

What Is This About

Basically, to get the Prototype precursor weapon, you should finish the first and second tier beforehand. And this is the first one. Based from the game description, the Research achievement is about becoming an apprentice of the froglike Hylek which are the Tyria’s best alchemist.They are the master of poison and potion.

By processing this phase, you will learn and unlocking the secrets of their work, and eventually create the research achievement.

Gathering 20 items

In this first tier or phase, you have to collect 20 items in order to finish the recipe or weapon achievement. From the Hylek alchemy apprentice tome, harvesting mosquito blood, purchasing some stuffs from certain vendors, etc.

You have to spend quite a lot of money to purchase some recipes, materials, or component from the master alchemist. At the same time, you have to look for drops or stuff all around the map. All in all, you should move around just to get all of the 20 items required to make or complete the Research.

Imagine how hard and painstaking the process of gathering all of those stuff. This is just the first tier of precursor weapon. How about the rest? It is very hard to get complete crafting the HOPE. So, what to do? One of the greatest solution is by using the Guild War power leveling. Don’t be shy! We don’t bite. Instead we will help you conserve your time, and the price is not as expensive as you thought. So, come and try our services.