PoF 100% Map Completion


Path of Fire Map Completion

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PoF 100% Map Completion

The map (M) is the full-screen user interface element used to orient players and to enable instant travel using waypoints. The map shows a character-centered overhead view, presenting general information and markers that indicate nearby locations, events, and the character’s most recent travel path. Characters can continue to move while the map is open.

The compass shares much of the same information as the map as part of the heads-up display. Players can communicate with party members by drawing on the map or the compass (Hold SHIFT Right-click), or display a red ‘alert’ marker (SHIFT Left-click); you can also add your own personal markers (ALT Left-click, which can be removed by a further Left-click on them). Commanders can place additional markers.

Each zone has its own set of waypoints, hero challenges, vistas, renown hearts and points of interest. Hovering the mouse pointer over a zone’s name will display a popup with your completition track for this zone. If the player successfully discovers all of them in a zone, they are rewarded with a map completion bonus, giving them an item gift (usually a Transmutation Charge [or, rarely, a Black Lion Key]), a number of experience points, a bonus in coins (not given to players for completing major cities’ maps), two random Masterwork / Rare / Exotic items, and 40 of a useful, zone-level appropriate, crafting material. When the player has completely explored all of the zones, they are awarded with 2 Gifts of Exploration, an item required for the creation of a legendary weapon.

PoF 100% Map Completion

Map completion is the act of visiting all points of interest, vistas, waypoints and completing all renown hearts and hero challenges within a given zone, this Map completion is for open all area in Path of Fire


  • Level 80 character
  • PoF Expansion –
  • Basic mount lvl 3 or Griffon

Time Estimation:

  • Time estimation for PoF Map Completion is 1 day.

Login Schedule:

  • NA/EU Account: Start at 07.00-23.00 GMT 7

What you Get:

  • PoF Map Completion 100% – Hero Points

Path of Fire Map Completion


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