Gear and Weapon Craft T1 – T8


Here are price list for Gear and Weapon Craft:

T1-T6 gear or weapons = $45
T1-T8 gear or weapons = $145

This price is if using your LP, if not please call us.



Gear and Weapon Craft T1 – T8

Crafting is the final step of a three-part process to create usable items, after Gathering / Farms and Refining / Pastures. The great majority of equipment and consumable items in Albion Online are made via crafting. It is a decent source of income when Money Making. Crafting is developed separately from both Gathering and Refining on the Destiny Board. In addition, Crafting is divided thoroughly into very specific specialties. Some crafting costs may be reduced by using Crafting Focus. The crafting of Potions, Food, and Mounts are unlocked through Farming, while all other items listed above are unlocked through Trainee Craftsman.

Crafting Buildings

Like Refining, all crafting is done at a particular Building:

  • Toolmaker: Tools, Accessories, and Furniture
  • Alchemist’s Lab: Potions
  • Cook:Food
  • Saddler: Mounts
  • Workbench: Basic equipment for new characters
  • Warrior’s Forge: Warrior weapons and Plate armor
  • Mage’s Tower: Mage weapons and Cloth armor
  • Hunter’s Lodge: Hunter weapons and Leather armor

Journeyman Warrior’s Forge Crafter

The Journeyman Warrior’s Forge Crafter crafting node only has 1 level, requiring 480 fame to master. It allows crafting

  • Battleaxe
  • Broadsword
  • Hammer
  • Mace
  • Crossbow
  • Shield
  • Soldier Helmet
  • Soldier Armor

Soldier Boots

Additionally, it is a prerequisite for the Sword Crafter, Battleaxe Crafter, Mace Crafter, Hammer Crafter, Crossbow Crafter, Shield Crafter, Plate Helmet Crafter, Plate Armor Crafter and Plate Boots Crafter crafting nodes.

Sword Crafter

The Journeyman Warrior’s Forge Crafter crafting node has 100 levels, the first one requiring 14,424 fame to obtain. At level 1, 10, 30, 60 and 100 respectively it allows crafting Tier 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

  • broadswords
  • claymores
  • dual swords
  • clarent blades
  • carving swords
  • galatine pairs

At every level it gives two passive bonus:

  • 30 bonus to focus cost efficiency while crafting all swords
  • 0.75 increase in quality while crafting all swords

Additionally, it is a prerequisite for the Sword Crafting Specialist, Dual Swords Crafting Specialist, Claymore Crafting Specialist, Artifact Sword Crafting Specialist crafting nodes.

Gear and Weapon Craft T1 – T8


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