Open Skies: Domain Of Vabbi Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Open Skies: Domain Of Vabbi Guide - Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Congratulations on reaching the Griffon Mount achievement at Domain of Vabbi map – Guils Wars 2. Your mission to gather 8 items is not done yet. It is the last egg and relic collection, but you still have some other steps to finish the whole hidden achievement. Without any further ado, here are places to go. 

1. Yasfahr, The Rune Of Sacrifice

Finish the event of “Help First Spear Kitur Recover his equipment and escape imprisonment,” you can trigger the event by talking to First spear Kitur in his cell at Vehtendi academy. 

2. Guard Bribe 

Go to the Vehtendi Academy and buy the item from a Distinguished professor, Nazimi. But you need to finish Renown heart even of “help The students of Vehtendi Academy”. (Domain Of Vabbi Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2)

3. Stone Carving Tools 

After you complete the hearth in the NW corner of the Vein Mines, you can buy the item from Renown Hearth NPC the Awakened Servant Tooraj. 

4. Warmed Vabbian Egg 

Most of the eggs are at Yahnur plateau. You can reach almost every spot by teleport to the Yahnur Plateau and climbing with a springer’s high vault. (Domain Of Vabbi Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2)

5. Cracked Vabbian Egg 

Go to Yahnur Plateau and look up for a high perch with a nest on it. You will need a springer and climbing the eastern wall. 

6. Ruddy Vabbian Egg

Located in the Resplendent trace on top of a tall stone, you can reach the area by gliding down with griffon from Sunspear Sanctuary. You can use the Spearmarshal plea to teleport to the sanctuary faster.

7. Charged Vabbian Egg

The egg is located above the water near the Yahnur Plateau. To get into the area, it is better to grab a griffon from the Sunspear Sanctuary and glide down to the area. (Domain Of Vabbi Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2)

8. Polished Vabbian Egg

Located on top of a hanging garden vista in Zagonur cliff, you can reach the spot by gliding down with a griffon from a nearby roost or jumping up with a springer. 

Congratulations for finishing the relic collections. But that is not the end. You have two more achievements to finish the Griffon mount mission. 

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