Open Skies: Desert Highland Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Are you trying to finish Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2? It is still among the tedious tasks to do in the games. In this guide, you will explore the Desert highland map. It is part of the Rare collection Crystal desert sunspear Sanctuary mission, where you collect 9 relics (including the spearmarshal Plea). Where to go? Here are the things to do. 

Collect 9 Relics – Desert Highland

1. Zeklem The Rune Of Loyalty 

The first collectible item is achieved by participating and finishing a series of event by Kanuz Cache POI. The start of the event is in the Diviner’s Reach, then finish three events in the correct order. And at the end, the Champion Hierarch Lili should be killed. 

The series of events are 1) defend second spear Nayrim from the awakened; 2) escort second spear Nayrim to potential shelter; 3) defend second spear Nayrim against Mordant Crescent and awakened attacks. 

2. Survival Supplies 

After you finish the event, you can buy the item from Tendaji for 25 gold. He is in the Diviner’s reach. 

3. Enormous Supply Of Bird Feed

You buy it from Groffmok near Lifeblood ravine. But if Groffmok is not a vendor, you need to complete the Renown Heart quest “pitch in around Lommuld Kraal” beforehand. 

4. Warmed Mountain Egg 

The egg is at the Nimbose Butte, far west of the salt flats. A bit north, and you can simply interact with the nest to get the egg. ( Desert Highland Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2 )

5. Crusty Mountain Egg 

You need to reach the god fall tower and locate the egg on top of one of the pillar. 

6. Rough Mountain Egg 

Reach the Windshear Scarps near the Crystal Desert Mastery Insight and go up to the abandoned tower for the egg. 

7. Vibrant Mountain Egg 

You need to use a springer to hop up to the cliff to reach the higher point of a cliff in the stampede upland. 

8. Damp Mountain Egg

The last egg is at the far south of winter’s teeth. It is a bit hard to reach since you need to go through small ledges and glide down to the alcove. 

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