Open Skies: Crystal Oasis Guide – Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Open Skies: Crystal Oasis Guide - Griffon Mount Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 might be a long running MMO with many things to explore, but the idea of flying with a griffon still a mystery to some. Want to have one? In this guide you will follow on how to finish the first rare collections: Crystal Oasis.

But before that, have you finished the prerequisite detail for the Open Skies to unlock Griffon mount collection? If you do, you will unlock achievements. The first one is to collect 9 relics (other than the Spearmarshal’s plea) on the Crystal Oasis map. Here is the guide to collect them:

1. Gundayo The runs of Honesty 

Complete a legendary bounty: the corrupted facet. 

2. icon of the goddess 

Purchase the item from Priest hakim, a vendor at Temple of Kormir for about 25g. 

3. sunspear tithe 

Another item to purchase in the heart vendor east of Amnoon. You purchased it from Priestess Karima for around 25g. 

4. warmed coastal egg

The warmed egg is located on the Elona Reach, Northwest of the temple of Kormir. You need to use springer to climb the ramp You need to has springer to reach the area. It is griffon roost that allow you to fly to the next area. (Crystal Oasis Guide)

5. Ridged coastal Egg

You can reach this location by gliding down with the borrowed griffon from the Warmed egg location. It is hidden in an alcove between rocks. 

6. browned coastal  egg

You can reach this place by gliding while riding the griffon from the roost. It is located on top of a mesa facing Hatari tableland. 

7. Lustrous coastal egg

Located in the maculate fringe, you need to ride the griffon from the nest. Follow the path to the hero challenge. Get down behind the chest and use your springer to scale up the pyramid. 

8. Dusty Coastal Egg

Since it is located on the griffon nest on top of a pillar inside the sanctum of Nabkha, glide from the warmed eff location. Fly down to the circular platform and get up.

Be aware that the achievement will make you go around maps several times. It is still the first achievement. If you run into some issues or want to do it faster, consider checking MMOPILOT to help finish it faster with the best boosting service.