New World: What Is the Most Effective Method of Jewelcrafting?

Most Effective Method of Jewelcrafting

Most Effective Method of Jewelcrafting. Being a player in a massively multiplayer and online RPG type game necessitates constant grinding in order to fast accumulate and level up. In this Amazon Game Studios game, you must also level up on trade skills, one of which I shall describe here: gem making. What is the most efficient of in the New World? Look at this!

What exactly is jewelcrafting?

One of the New World’s crafting-based trade talents involves your character to acquire resources and create various types of jewelry, which can earn you additional bonuses. Earrings, rings, and amulets are some examples of jewelcrafting. You may also craft gems for armor and weapon. Make careful to visit outfitting stations that correspond to your current tier.

Leveling Up in Jewelcrafting Has Many Advantages

You may manufacture several types of jewels up to level 200 using other talents like as stonecutting, mining, arcana, and smelting, which will allow you to gain passive boosts and gems for item equipment, allowing you to level up your character quicker.

Leveling Jewelcrafting in the Most Efficient Way

Levels 0 through 6

Make your way to the equipping stations. The first six levels are required. For 51 silver settings, you’ll need 204 silver ingots or 816 silver ore.

Levels 6 through 12

For the next six levels, make 51 additional silver chains with 255 silver ingots or 1020 silver ore.

Levels 12 through 50

During levels 12-50, you must acquire 51 silver chains, 51 silver ingots or 204 silver ore, 51 cut flawed gems or 51 flawed gems, 102 motes, and 51 silver settings to construct 51 flawed gem amulets.

Levels 50–53

Collecting 1968 Silver Ore or 492 Silver Ingot for 103 Silver Setting is the quickest method to level up for the following three levels.

Levels 53–55

Make sure you have 2460 silver ore or 615 silver ingots for 103 silver chains.

Levels 55 through 100

For this phase, make 97 tempered emerald rings. There will be 97 pieces of silver setting, silver band, silver ingot, and cut emerald required.

Levels 100–102

Even though there are just two stages, there are a lot of diamonds to manufacture. From 11,844 silver ore or 2962 silver ingots, you can construct 329 silver chains and silver settings.

Levels 102–150 

Get 312 pieces of Silver Setting, Silver Band, Silver Ingot, and Beautiful Pearl for 312 brilliant pearl rings.

Levels 150–151

Although you will advance one level, you will require a significant amount of silver ore, around 24,480 or 6120 silver ingots for silver chains and 680 silver settings apiece.

Levels 151–200

Collect 3400 Essence or 13600 Wisp and 68000 Motes to reach level 200 in Jewelcrafting; 680 Silver Setting; 680 Silver Ingots; 680 Cut Brilliant Gems or 680 Pristine Gems; 13600 Gems with 13600 Wisp, 40800 Flawed Gems, and 13600 Weak Solvent; 680 Weak Solvent, 680 Silver Chain or 1316 Silver Ores; and 680 Quintessence or 2040 Essence with. All of these resources will enable you to create 680 Pristine Gem Amulets.
At beginning, jewelcrafting leveling simply requires time and patience. However, the greater your degree in jewelcrafting, the more resources that must be acquired, and this might be tough. You should try to get resources by looking for them or purchasing them from the trading post.
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